H: Bill Hamon (Christian International), Scott Hicks (True Worship Ministries), Rodney Howard-Browne (Revival Ministries International), Ray Hughes (Selah Ministries), Theresa Hurlbert (Somebody Cares Ministries)

The church emphasizes family values, education, and self-sufficiency, and members believe that every child is a priceless blessing. Children are allowed to attend public school and many go on to college. The church recently established a private school, which almost all of the children now attend. [3]

She is thus the vanquisher of death, and Ba‘al—the giver or rain and life—will soon be reborn through her efforts. Father El now has a prophetic dream that "The heavens rain oil. The wadies run with honey." Joyfully, the "God of Mercy" realizes that Ba‘al will return to life. He commands ‘Anat to enlist Shapash, the goddess of the Underworld, to help her find him. Shaphash retrieves Ba‘al from Sheol and Ba‘al confronts Mot (who seems to have reassembled himself after being obliterated by Anat). Ba‘al vanquishes Mot, regaining his throne on Mount Saphon.

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